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Mountain Billy Gun Lab GOAT-15 22LR 16″ Rifle
(June 18 – July 15)

We will be selecting one lucky winner that gets a brand new GOAT-15 22LR Rifle worth $450!

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MilSpec vs. Radian Raptor SD-SL vs. Breek Arms Sledgehammer … Today we’re testing “Do AR-15 and AR-Style Charging Handles reduce gas”, as well as they claim to do?! ***Add your thoughts below*** We’re just getting started. SO many charging handles, SO many visual clues! This is going to be a wild ride!

Step-By-Step Guide to AR Rifle Building

AT3 GeAR Grind

Ultimate AR-10 Builder’s Guide:

Today’s AR-10 is NOTHING like today’s AR-15. It’s NOT universal or “MilSpec”. So, what parts do you actually need to build an AR-10? What actually fits together? DPMS / SR25  Aero Precision M5…Or your off-the-shelf AR-10s like the Sig Sauer 716i? A 5-Part Mini Series walking you through building your AR-10 from scratch. All the parts, where they fit… and MORE!

The Ultimate AR-15 Guide

Over 20 episodes covering the basics of the AR-15 shooting world. From Barrels to Buttstocks, the AR15 world is full of options, variants, modifications and adjustments.

Ultimate AR-15 Guide

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