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Get your air-sickness bags ready, Boys. You’re about to plug into the MATRIX … for all things AR-15 and AR-style firearms! It’s like Mag Dumping 1,000rds of Pure, American, Unadulterated, 2econd Amendment Info on Your Brain! 

Our Goal: Trim away all the opinions, outliers, and “..it depends…” information surrounding America’s Rifle and give it to you RAW. Helpful, Fact-Driven & Easy-to-Understand info about your AR … from barrels-to-buttstocks and everything in between. Are you ready for some Encyclopedia-Brittanica-Level information that might actually help make you a safer, more effective shooter? Take the pill. Follow the white rabbit… In other words, just keep scrolling.

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Magpul PMAGs… arguably one of the most Popular magazines out there, at least for your AR-15. But what about the other 30 or so Magpul PMAGs? We’re talking about ALL the PMAGs, even some you didn’t know were out there. You’ll see. This is Magpul Magazines, EXPLAINED!

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Ultimate AR-10 Builder’s Guide:

Today’s AR-10 is NOTHING like today’s AR-15. It’s NOT universal or “MilSpec”. So, what parts do you actually need to build an AR-10? What actually fits together? DPMS / SR25  Aero Precision M5…Or your off-the-shelf AR-10s like the Sig Sauer 716i? A 5-Part Mini Series walking you through building your AR-10 from scratch. All the parts, where they fit… and MORE!

The Ultimate AR-15 Guide

Over 20 episodes covering the basics of the AR-15 shooting world. From Barrels to Buttstocks, the AR15 world is full of options, variants, modifications and adjustments.

Ultimate AR-15 Guide

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